The Long Island University Hillel seeks to promote the following core Jewish values by:

- strengthening Jewish identity among the college's Jewish students

- sustaining and developing their commitment to Israel

- increasing understanding both between Jewish groups and between Jews and others

- fostering a climate of tolerance through a pluralistic approach

- engaging its students through Jewish learning opportunities, arts, culture, recreation and religious experience

- cultivating students’ participation in social action

- utilizing the resources of Jewish partner organizations and agencies, as well as those of the city

Its Board of Trustees supports these efforts by providing financial resources and program oversight in conformity with governance standards established by the International Hillel Center.

We are LIU Hillel

Yelena Azriyel

Director of Jewish Student Life and Community Affairs

718-859-1151 ex. 20

Yelena Azriyel is the Director of Jewish Student Life and Community Affairs at the Tanger Hillel at Brooklyn College. In this role she works on engaging unaffiliated students to enrich their Jewish experience in college and beyond through leadership development, Jewish education and community work. Yelena also advises the LIU Hillel operation to provide a diverse Jewish experience for students of all backgrounds. Prior to joining Hillel Yelena completed a year volunteering in Kiev, Ukraine as a Jewish Service Corps Volunteer with JDC. Yelena received her BBA in Human Resource Management and Industrial Organizational Psychology.

Social & Cultural

Israel Day Parade 2012


LIU Hillel is all about unity across religious and ideological spectrums. It’s for those of us who hated Sunday school, and who haven’t seen Hebrew since our bat mitzvah. But, it is also for those of us who can’t eat enough gefilte fish and who secretly dream of marrying a rabbi. LIU Hillel is for all of us who are looking for meaningful community and an open space to explore just what it means to be Jewish!

Masa Israel - immersive gap-year, study abroad, post-college and volunteer programs

MASA Israel is a joint project of the Government of Israel and the Jewish Agency for Israel, the program connects more than 10,000 Jewish young adults to gap year, study abroad, post-college, and volunteer programs in Israel each year. MASA programs and grants are available to applicants age 18-30. For more information email Tanya


Taglit-Birthright Israel trip and more

Pack your bags – we’re heading towards the Holy Land this winter. Registration for Summer 2015 opens February 3!
Please email Tanya with any questions or if you need more details about Taglit-Birthright Israel trips.
If you have already begun your summer application, click here to make changes. If you need to update, complete, or make changes to your application, please contact your Trip Organizer directly.

For more information about immersive 5-12 month gap-year, study abroad, and volunteer programs in Israel, plus grants and scholarships, contact Tanya at tanya@bchillel.org

Interested in organizing a variety of Israel-related events on campus, including noted speakers from the Israeli Consulate, Hebrew language classes, Israeli-style Café Nights, etc.? Contact Noa .


Community Service Projects

"To save one life is as if you have saved the world." - Talmud_MG_4493

LIU Hillel is dedicated to helping those in need.

Based on the Jewish imperatives of tzedakah (righteousness), gemilut chasadim (acts of loving kindness), and tikkun olam (repair of the world), LIU Hillel works tirelessly with students in NY Metropolitan area to create meaningful service initiatives and encourages creative thinking when addressing social justice issues.

Students grow Jewishly, intellectually and spiritually through the process of bringing about meaningful social change.

Jobs, Internships and Scholarships

Looking for a scholarship, internship or a job? Can't find anything you like?
Email us! We'll help you find your perfect fit" 

Peer-Network Engagement Internship

Peer-Network Engagement Internship 
The Peer-Network Engagement Internship is designed to enhance Jewish life on campus. The internship establishes a cohort of 3 - 5 student interns charged with building relationships with their uninvolved peers and connecting them with Jewish resources and opportunities on campus.

Candidates must be driven to deliver real social value. They are committed to creativity, innovation and high-performance. If this opportunity interests you, please ask your Hillel staff for more information on how to apply.

All Peer-Network interns receive professional training and mentorship throughout the course of the internship.

The Peer-Network Engagement Internship is made possible through the partnership and commitment of MASA Israel Journey

The Peer-Network Engagement Internship

The Peer-Network Engagement Internship Is designed to enhance Jewish life on campus. Each campus employs 3 - 5 students who are leaders within diverse facets of university life and who have broad social networks to build relationships with uninvolved Jewish students over the course of a year.
Each Peer-Network Intern is charged with building relationships with 40-50 uninvolved Jewish students on campus. Serving as a resource to meaningful opportunities or potentially a friend in challenging times, the Peer-Network interns strive to advance Jewish values in the context of their relationships.
The Peer-Network Interns strive to understand students' interests, passions, and aspirations - and connect them to opportunities that they may find meaningful and engaging.
The Peer-Network interns provide on-going relationship-building and connect students to immersive and meaningful experiences such as Taglit-Birthright Israel and Alternative Break and create methods for follow-through upon return to campus.
The Peer-Network Engagement Internship is on select campuses that have a significant Jewish population.

"Bridging the Gap" Fellowship

Bridging the GapFellowship - is your chance to help us build a lasting and effective partnership between Hillels of NYC and our communities. The idea of "Bridging the Gap” fellowship is creating a community of dedicated college students and bridging the divide between Jewish students of varying cultures. Primarily this program has served Russian, American, orthodox, and conservative Jews and helped these students open a line of communication not otherwise possible.

When students become part of this leadership experience, they’ll be meeting new people, interacting with key professionals and philanthropists, gaining valuable experience, helping them in the future. In addition to professional experience they will receive a $1000 stipend.

During the spring semester, Bridging the Gap fellows are expected to attend one general interest meeting followed by three programming meetings. They will also organize two large city-wide events based on their own ideas and planning desires, incorporating Hillel’s underlying core Jewish values.
Each student leader will gain a portfolio of experience through their responsibilities which include:

• Generating interest for the initiative,
• Contacting students and active members from their universities
• Publicizing events
• Creating Social Media initiatives

Bridging the Gap’s dynamic summer programming consists of two events hosted and facilitated by the student fellows. These events produced for current and prospective students in New York City to give them a diverse taste of “summer in the city.” The themes explored will reflect the work done by the student fellowship board

During the fall semester, interns will return to the respective campuses with an “event planning & coaching certificate” through Bridging the Gap.
Fellows will assist Hillel staff and student board to plan and promote two large scale city-wide events bringing their new experiences and leadership skills to their local communities.

Become a part of Bridging the Gap: Unite and build a diverse, cohesive Jewish community.  For more information, email Tanya Gutsol at tanyahillel@gmail.com

Summer Experience

BCI Summer Experience

Known today as the Marilyn and Sigi Ziering Brandeis Collegiate Institute, BCI is an intensive experience in Jewish learning, culture and community offered to young adults from around the world, ages 18 to 26. It combines programmatic concepts adapted from the Danish Folk High School (expressing one's identity and culture through the creative arts) and the Israeli Kibbutz (the dignity of physical labor and sharing responsibility for the community) set in the context of the American recreational summer camp. Justice Brandeis referred to it as "a laboratory for living Judaism." BCI is a 26-day exploration of self and Judaism within a safe, pluralistic community, bringing together young Jews from all over the world with some of our people's most compelling, talented scholars and artists to experience the multifaceted aspects of Jewish life and culture.

This summer give yourself 26 days in California
To explore and define your own Jewish adult life

Summer 2015: June 16 to July 12

Learn more - HERE and Apply - NOW